Causes Of Melatonin Deficiency You Should Know

Causes Of Melatonin Deficiency You Should Know

There are various ways of curing Melatonin deficiency. It can be done by having the foods that have the amino acids with which Melatonin is made up of. One can also get Melatonin supplements to normalize the level of Melatonin in the body in a shorter time frame. But to cure something from the root, you need to know the cause. Similarly, you should be aware of the causes of Melatonin deficiency so that when it happens to you to your near ones, you can find out the cause by matching and remove that cause for solving Melatoninadeficiency issue from its root.

Chronic Stress – In today’s world, life and stress have become synonymous. Some stress is necessary for good performance but the kind of stress people are taking in their everyday life, the limit is beyond safe. As a matter of fact, this continuous stress is responsible for various health diseases people are having these days. Chronic stress has been identified to be one of the prime reasons for low level of Melatonin in human beings.


Night Work – Melatonin has a biological clock according to which its production increases at night and decreases at daytime. If you are working at the night time, there must be light all around you. This artificial light signals the brain to be active and it prevents the natural secretion of Melatonin from the pineal gland. That is why the level of Melatonin in the body goes down naturally. If you are bound to work at night, you have to take foods and supplements to keep the level intact to the normal.

Low Sunlight – It has been found that if a person is working in the office all the time and goes to the home in the car, he is not getting exposed to sunlight. Sunlight has been linked to natural secretion of Melatonin hormone in the body. If you are not getting any for days, the level is sure to fall. Therefore, you should walk some distance in the morning after the sunlight is prominent and get exposed to the sunlight for a brief time period so that your body gets sunlight supply regularly. It is also good for the production of Vitamin D.

Apart from these, nutrient deficiencies can also lead its Melatonina deficiency. You should have protein-rich food items from time to time. Give your body enough sleep for every organ to function properly and keep your chemical composition intact.

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