Objectives Of Yoga And Yoga Classes

Yoga has gained immense popularity and It is practised across the globe,

The primary reasons are:

  • Physical and Mental well-being:

Yoga is being practised across the globe for its various health benefits. It offers a range of benefits such as improved flexibility and posture.

It also helps in reducing stress levels. It helps in fighting against depression and Anxiety. People opt for a healthier and balanced lifestyle. It has become a daily practice.

  • Weight loss and fitness:

Yoga is a form of exercise and fitness. It is in yoga classes. Yoga styles like power yoga offer dynamic yoga styles. It helps in burning calories, building muscle tone and improving heart health. It is also a supportive practice for losing weight and toning the body. It also helps in maintaining the flexibility of the body and reduces weight.

  • Mental wellness and stress reduction:

To find inner peace, people are now opting for Yoga practices. Yoga is a combination of breath control and postures, provides mental stability, increases self-awareness and controls emotion levels effectively.

  • Accessibility

Yoga has been known for its inclusive nature welcoming people across the globe of different origins is suitable and recommended for every age group through yoga classes and centres, Schools, workplaces and even in media and wellness programs as therapy and in medical practices.

Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yoga Sutras are the eight limbs of Yoga. It is the  path toward self-enlightenment

  • Yamas consist of the ethical principles that retrain oneself and others.
  • Niyamas consist of disciplines
  • Asanas consist of the physical postures to gain strength, balance and flexibility.
  • Pranayama consists of breath control techniques that help expand the energy of vitals.
  • Pratyahara consists of the withdrawal of senses from external distractions.
  • Dharana consists of concentration on a single point or object.
  • Dhyana consists of meditation.
  • Samadhi consists of ultimate absorption. It is self-realisation.

How old is Yoga?

Yoga originated at least 5000 to 6000 years ago. It has the earliest mention in the Rig Vedas, which dates back to 3500 years ago, at the very least.

Mentions of Yoga are in the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Vedas and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The texts consist of the various aspects of Yoga, such as its physical, philosophical and spiritual aspects.

Yoga originated in Ancient India back thousands of years ago. It is practised according to the cultural and philosophical traditions of India.

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