Was LeBron actually guilty?

When you suddenly get to know that your favorite sports star has been accused of steroid usage the feeling is really disappointing. LeBron James, who is an NBA legend in the past few years has been time and again accused of steroid usage. Though there are NBA tests for steroid usage, it has been noticed that in case of big stars like LeBron James they perform the test very casually.Compared to other sports, the penalty in case of basketball players is not that harsh. While the countries do not have such restrictions, in the US,steroids usage is illegal without a valid prescription.

Take a look at his background

LeBron James was one of the star basketball players. He has a number of track records that are worth mentioning and has contributed towards his popularity. Little do we know the struggle involved behind the success story of LeBron. The player was born to a single mother at a very young age of just 16 years, in the year 1984.In his growing up days he faced a lot of struggle in the process of survival. For a stable income, his mom let him move in with a local coach of football. At the age of nine years, he was introduced to the game basketball. In high school in Akron, he had a very good record in basketball that grabbed the notice of the NBA. He was signed by the Cavaliers in the 2003 NBA draft. Then in the year 2010, he left for Miami Heat and there he played 4 seasons and won the championship trophies in 2012 and 2013 consecutively. In 2014, he rejoined Cavaliers. In the year 2015, in the NBA LeBron was the youngest player to have scored 25,000 points. But eventually, he got into many controversies for accepting gifts in his initial career and also for violating the OHSAA rules where he got suspended. Since, NBA has not yet penalized him publicly we should not spread any kind of rumors like LeBron was never suspended for steroids. As this may or may not be true.

The physical change

If you want to ensure if a person is using steroids, the physique speaks it out. That is probably the best way to make out. So, if you go by his physique, LeBron definitely had a rippedbody which was lean with impressive biceps and had low body fat. His rapidly receding hairline was another indication that LeBron was using steroids like Anadrol, Dianabol, DecaDurbolin or Testosterone.


The conclusion

As a basketball player, improvement of speed, height and aim are the main concern areas. But intake of steroids only helps to improve your strength. So here the question arises why would a star performer take the risk of using illegal steroids if it does not improve the key areas? Based on this point without any solid instances of being guilty, no athlete should be actually accused. So, without any clear evidence, we cannot come to any conclusion like LeBron was never suspended for steroids. Steroids may or may not be the reason behind his suspension that for any kind of proper evidence is a must.