The Things That You Need To Be Aware Of When Taking Marijuana

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Marijuana, cannabis, ganja, pot, MJ are just a few of the terms that people use to describe a plant known for its psychoactive effects. This is because of the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is richly found in the plant. Although it has side effects the fact that it has been used as a herbal medicine for hundred to even thousands of years on countries in which its naturally grows makes it a very interesting plant.

Now that it has been legalized in more places, it gives you an impression that the world has slowly realized that marijuana isn’t all that bad. Only if you take it the wrong way and too much that it becomes bad. Basically, most countries and states are now convinced that there is more good in marijuana that just the psychoactive effects of it which will be further elaborated below.

The benefits: As you know now there are already 3 known strains of marijuana in the market today, the sativa the indica and the hybrid. On all those things the hybrid is surprisingly the most popular of all even if most of the strains that are considered hybrid came from the mix of both the sativa and indica strains. The strains have unique effects and hybrids has a good mix of both primary strains. Depending on the strain, it can help treat the things that are mentioned below:

  • Can treat Alzheimer’s disease
  • Can treat anorexia
  • Can treat arthritis
  • Can treat anxiety disorders
  • Can relieve chronic pain (pain that lasts for more than 6 months)
  • Can treat Glaucoma
  • Can treat HIV/AIDS
  • Can treat insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Can treat a migraine
  • Can relieve nausea and vomiting
  • Can treat Parkinson’s disease
  • Can treat spasticity from MS (Multiple sclerosis)
  • Can treat severe weight loss

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The side effects: The side effects are common this is because there are some people that are taking too much of it. The question has always been how much is too much? Not taking enough as well won’t give you the desired effect. It’s hard to eye the right dose and how much is too much. The only way to do it is by going to an expert and basically learn what you need to.

  • It can increase your appetite
  • It can cause constipation
  • It can cause a lack of coordination
  • It can cause dizziness
  • It can cause difficulty in concentrating
  • It can cause dry mouth and throat
  • It can cause cognitive problems
  • It can cause impaired judgment
  • It can cause lethargy
  • It can alter your mood
  • It can cause red eyes
  • It can cause slower reaction time
  • It can cause slurred speech
  • It can cause Urinary retention

Marijuana, in general, has a good side and a bad side no matter what the strain is. You need to understand that the desired effects will vary from one strain to the other and the side effects are mostly because of taking too much of it. If you want to know how to properly take it (not underdose and overdose), it’s better to check with an expert and once you determined that and you’re looking for a place to buy one especially the hybrid strains, check out Solfire Garden.