Understand everything about vegan vitamin supplements

There are many vitamins and nutrients that vegans did not get in their diet as they are hard to find, such as vitamin B12, D, zinc, magnesium, iodine, etc. Thus, many vegans have a deficiency of these nutrients, leading to many health problems. The road to getting all these essential nutrients include a strict diet of food that contains these nutrients, which can be hard to maintain sometimes; that’s why many people turn to vegan vitamin supplements to get their daily intake of vitamins with their vegan diet.

Getting the vitamins & nutrients in our body is essential not just for vegans but for everyone as we need nutrients for a healthy body.

Today, plant-based vitamin supplements contain certain vital nutrients like B12, vitamin D, zinc, etc., according to your need. So, if you are looking for vegan vitamin supplements, there must be various questions in your mind regarding these supplements and their uses.

In this article, we have tried to answer all the queries regarding plant-based vitamin supplements and find the best brands of vegan supplements in Singapore.

What are the vitamins and minerals that vegans may need in supplements?

The most common deficiency in vegans is vitamin B12 and iron that you may need in your vegan vitamin supplements. Other than that, there are specific vitamins & nutrients-based vitamins available that serve various purposes.

The vitamins vegans need are vitamin D, zinc, calcium, DHA/EPA, and omega 3.

How much vegan supplement should you take?

It depends on your body’s nutrients & vitamin needs, so before starting the supplements, consult your doctor and get your blood tested to see what vitamins & nutrients you lack.

Is it necessary for vegans to take supplements?

No, if you follow a diet that fulfills your daily intake of vitamins & nutrients. However, suppose you think that your daily food does not have sufficient nutrients & vitamins. In that case, vegan vitamin supplements can be helpful for you to make your body healthy and energetic.

Vegan Vitamin Supplements brand in Singapore


Milestone offers a wide range of vegan vitamin supplements that serve different purposes. Their products are available on their official sites; you can order from there and get your natural 100% vegan supplements.

Deva vegan

It is a multivitamin vegan supplement that mostly has all the essential nutrients & vitamins that our body needs. The accessories also offer additional compounds that keep the body healthy & active.

Other than that, you can buy Future Kind, Wholier, etc.

So, this is all about vegan vitamin supplements, and we hope the above information will help you understand vegan vitamin supplements better.