Some things will a cardiologist will forget to reveal

Posted On By Jessie

If you are securing an appointment with a cardiologist then you are prone to some form of heart disease. The chances are that you could have a family history as well. Your lifestyle issues or you are into smoking or alcohol could have a definite say in this regard. One thing is for sure that your cardiologist is going to ask you to make a lot of changes in your day to day lifestyle if you want to extent your life.

If you are visiting a heart specialist for the first time there are a series of tests that you would be asked to be part of. This could be a stress test, Blood test, ECG or many more tests. In fact the doctors would want to be exactly sure of your condition before they go on to treat you. It would be prudent on your part to prepare a list of questions before you visit a doctor. Before you visit a cardiac surgeon here is a sample list of questions that would help you prepare better.

  • Whether the patient has any blockages, and if so what is the percentage. If there is blockage in the arteries it means that the heart is not getting enough blood. In such cases the heart needs to pump in more blood so that it makes way through the blocked arteries. In medical terms it is referred to as hardening of the arteries. It does put you at risk of heart attack or high blood pressure. For example if the blockage is minor you would be able to correct it by working on the good fats and decreasing of Trans fats in your diet. On the other hand if the blockage is major heart surgery may be needed.

  • How is the heart condition going to have an impact on the other health issues? For example you could be diabetic. Is there any chance of unfavourable reaction to medications? It is observed that doctors normally go on to prescribe medications for the conditions you normally get in touch with them. This is all the more so if another doctor is treating you for a specific condition then the cardiologist should be made aware of it.
  • Is there any activity as a patient that I would need to avoid? With heart disease your condition you behaviour can change a lot. You are aware of your habits, but the doctor is not. As you are aware of the same you can ask your cardiologist what questions to ask
  • Is there certain foods that you would need to keep away? What are the foods that you like to away and what point of time you would need to say good bye to your favourite foods. The heart specialist would be in a position to recommend viable alternatives as well.

To conclude you would need to take full responsibility for the conditions relating to your heart. Within depth information you are prepared to tackle the same.