Heath issues can be an issue among dogs also who are the trust worthy, four legged friends of human being.  When such a friend struggles, it can cause serious illness to the owner too. Though an owner proffers with best care by love and care, they will go through a tough plague in their lifetime. It is always best to know about the companions that are known for health issues well before opting for it. In cases of breeding dogs they can have characteristic traits with prevalence to a variety of diseases inherited from other breeds. Different dog breeds can have different issues like cataracts, cancer, hip dysplasia. The following are some of the dogs listed:

  • Bloodhound – these kinds of dogs usually have eye problems that cause dryness of eyes and structural changes in eyelid.
  • Bernese mountain dog – they are more affected with hip and elbow dislocations.
  • Doberman pinscher – they are widely known pet with the best characteristics aregenerally pertained to liver disease.
  • Irish setter – this dog is affected with epilepsy which could be solved through proper medical procedures.
  • Poodle – this dog can have a bloat, which is a gastric dilation that occurs.
  • Boxer – Boxer has high risks of cancer. Among which Canine is a cancer type which when diagnosed at early stage could be treated and resolved easily.

  • Toy Poodle – this dog suffers bladder stones and can be a serious threat to humans without a persistent veterinary care.
  • Goldendoodle – these are designer dogs from the crossbreeds of Poodle and Golden retriever. They generally inhibit heart problems.
  • Chow Chow – they have a high health risks that suffer from orthopaedic issues.
  • Labrador retriever – they are more prone to cancer and genetic syndrome.
  • Bulldog – it has the extreme condition in genetic problems that leads to hereditary issues.
  • German shepherd – it is affected to hip dysplasia that can be prevented easily by following proper breeding procedures.
  • Saint Bernard – this is a large dog breed that suffers from bone cancer and cardiac disorders.

It is never too early or too late to work with the condition of your dog and make their life to be best one as owners.


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