Materials Used in Dental Implants Are Allergy Safe

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Allergies are a concern for a large portion of the population and when considering a dental implant, or a series of dental implants, it is important to be sure that they will be safe and not cause a reaction. Due to the permanence of the procedure it is not easily reversed therefore an allergy to materials would be dangerous. For these reasons, as well as to ensure the material is strong enough to last a lifetime and not require replacements, they are created with materials that are hypoallergenic and safe for installation. According to the dental implant specialists, regardless of the dental implants cost, more than 87% of patients are satisfied with their dental implants in the first five years after surgery.

Materials Used in Dental Implants Are Allergy Safe

 Dental Implant Post

The post of the implant is the portion that is inserted through the gums and against the jawbone. This will be allowed to fuse with the bone to become joined and permanently attached. Materials used for this are often a titanium for its hypoallergenic and should not cause allergic reaction. Titanium is also one of the best metals and will be able to withstand regular use of the tooth for decades without bending or cracking. Another alternative that is more recently being used in some cases is ceramic. Ceramic is a material that does not interact with the human body and is easily accepted by the body with no risk of failure.


This extension of the post appears above the gum line and is the portion that the crown will attach too. Created from a matching material to the post, it will most often be titanium, but many are now being created with ceramic, both chosen for the same reasons as the material for the post. Ceramic is becoming more popular in this portion due to its color being more closely matched to the color of the gums, and allows for an improved appearance that is less noticeable. For those who want a natural appearance a ceramic post and abutment may be the preferred choice.

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Dental Crown

A dental crown is created from a mold of the teeth before removal, or of the teeth next to the one that has been lost or extracted. These are created from amalgam or ceramic, and the choice is often made based upon the location of the tooth and the strength of the material. A silver material can be used when the tooth is near the back of the mouth, or it will be created in a shade to match the surrounding teeth. These materials have been used for several decades in tooth care and are tested for possible allergies and other reactions. A ceramic or porcelain is most likely to be accepted by the body due to the makeup of the material and is a very safe choice for these products.

Dental implants have been created with materials that have been tested and shown through results and through experience, to have very little to no possibility of allergic or other reactions in people. This allows them to be safe for those who need them, without fear of further complications.