One of the major problems faced by people around the world is health. The art of living a good life is not wealthy life but a healthy life. To lead a healthy life one has to focus on the food habits. The food habits depends on various factors such as place of living, availability of sources, weather conditions and so forth. People have to choose a proper food habit based on the above factors and have healthy and hygienic food. If the intake of food is good the people can live a happy life. Here let’s see some of the ways in which we can live a healthy life.

After waking up in the morning having around two glasses of look warm water keeps our digestive system in good condition. It is also very important to note that after 45 minutes only we can eat. Also it is suggested to have one glass of water half an hour before every meal. This keeps the smooth function of our intestine. A portion of vegetable or fruit has to be eaten raw in a day keeps the digestive system work properly and also to keep needed vitamins and minerals to the body for a day. Having a light morning breakfast, heavy lunch in the afternoon and a light dinner always fit best for any country and any type of people. Keeping proper balance of diet throughout the day keeps the function of body parts in good condition. Also following a proper time for each meal keeps the functioning of inner organs properly.

Regular exercise and yoga keeps the body fit and walking burns the calories. Each day routine follow up of these activities keep the body active. It is important to note that light exercise everyday allows all the parts of the body function properly which leads to active participation in every work undertaken like Chair yoga. It offers seniors a gentle and accessible way to experience the benefits of yoga without the need for complex poses or getting down on the floor. Designed to be done while seated or using a chair for support, this form of yoga focuses on gentle stretches, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques with chair yoga for seniors. This leads to happiness and that happiness also is needed for the mind to cooperate well with the body. Hence it is interesting to note that healthy life leads to happy life and happy and systematic lifestyle in turn leads to healthy life. Let’s live happy and healthy.