Is going for a permanent tattoo a good option before pregnancy?

If you are thinking on the lines of a permanent tattoo during pregnancy (this could be a positive sign to reveal your pregnancy) then you should go on reading and head to a tattoo parlour. But be aware of the fact there are some risks associated before you plan to expose yourself under the tattoo machine.

Get the expert advice of a doctor

Some of the doctors advise a strict no against any form of tattoo. The body of each woman is different and it becomes difficult to predict on how the dyes or inks on a particular woman may reveal. Though the use of limited chemicals on the body of a mother is not harmless, but it can cause a lot of damage to the baby inside the womb. On all counts during the last stages of pregnancy tattoo is a strict no. Generally the doctor asks you to wait for the delivery before planning a tattoo.

What happens if you opt for a permanent or semi-permanent tattoo during pregnancy?

If the doctor goes on to give you a green signal with regards to a permanent tattoo during pregnancy then you would need to be a lot careful with the choice of a tattoo artist. You can look forward to the below mentioned suggestions.

  • At no point you should go on to choose a tattoo artist who is not licensed or registered. You would be double sure with the fact that the artist is experienced and reliable.
  • All tattoo parlours need to be incorporated with an autoclave and that would mean a sterilizing unit. It is suggested that you do pay a couple of unexpected visits to the parlour to figure out whether they do follow the proper hygiene or cleaning methods
  • Yes to the fact that getting inked could pave way for a lot of fun. But you need to be aware of certain small things. The artist should go on to wear gloves during the process and new along with disposable needles should be used. All the dyes or inks that are used by the tattoo artist should be sealed.

If you are not sure whether to opt for a permanent tattoo or not

 Before you plan to make a visit to the tattoo parlour think about this decision first. There are chances that you can have a chance of infection or be affected with HIV virus. Therefore it would be a great idea to wait till the baby is being born. There is also very limited amount of information that is available on whether the skin dyes can go on to harm the fetus. During the stages of pregnancy you would need to be cautious and that would include tattoo ink as well. A few studies which have been conducted till now have not turned in conclusive results.

To conclude tattoos are there for life  and you can avail it when you are not pregnant as well.

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