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Anavar with chemical name oxandrolone is a popular anabolic steroid that provides outstanding results with fewer side effects. This steroid is a synthesized version of testosterone and the use of this steroid enhances lean muscle mass, increases strength, and also reduces body fat when combined with the exact diet and daily exercise. This Anavar steroid’s androgenic nature is very mild while anabolic nature is very high. This steroid helps to build strength and also provide some muscle growth without many adverse Anavar side effects. Because of its low androgenic properties, it is considered as a great choice for not only those users who want to improve their strength without a lot of weight gain, but also for female users who want to avoid body hair growth and other types of masculinity effects. If you are a woman and if you are in search of safe performance enhancement, then Anavar is one of the only steroids that is recommended for the female body. Before buying Anavar, where to buy Anavar pills could be a vital question as it is very important to make sure that you are getting it from a legal source where you live. In most of the countries, you can purchase Anavar legally, if you have a prescription from the physician. However, as it is a controlled substance in the US, buying it without a prescription is illegal. In other countries like Europe and Asia, this steroid is available over the counter and it is not a controlled substance. If you are in Australia, then Anavar steroid is available to ship to Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Adelaide and to everywhere in Australia.

Anavar dosage range would vary from one user to other users as it depends on factors like user experience with anabolic steroids and user tolerance to the compound. The Anavar dosage also depends on the need of the user. That is whether he is using for weight loss or bulking. For a first time user, it is preferred to take Anavar only cycle to determine their individual tolerances towards this steroid. Generally, the Anavar steroid half-life is eight hours, so this steroid can be taken either as single daily dose or it could be taken twice per day by dividing dosage into two halves. The dosage of Anavar for women usually starts with a dosage of 10 mg per day and for men, it is 20 mg per day or 25 mg per day. 40 mg per day is considered as maximum Anavar dosage for women 120 mg per day is considered as maximum dosage for men. Using Anavar more than this maximum dosage could result in severe side effects. Stacking Anavar with testosterone would give you best results. This stacking is very helpful to gain muscle mass without worrying about dangerous side effects.

It is even very important to have a clear idea about where to buy Anavar pills as only trustable sources will provide you genuine products. If you have any pre-existing health problems like heart-related trouble, diabetes, liver trouble, and kidney trouble, you should not use Anavar without your doctor’s permission.