How Kanna Can Help You Deal With PTSD?

treating mild depressive disorder

Herbs and shrubs have various benefits for the humans; these benefits are more known to the tribes living in the forest than the scientists working with them. Among the numerous herbs and shrubs the Kanna plant is one of them, it a wondrous plant which helps in improving the human consciousness levels.

In the today’s world stress follows every individual like a shadow, and in these circumstances, anything which can reduce the anxiety levels and enhance the mood of the individual is a blessing for the individual. The Kanna plant scientifically called as Selectium Tortuosum has been used as a mood enhancer since the prehistoric times. But today you do not need to chew it like people used to do in those times rather there are various Kanna based products available in the market like chewing gums, tea, gel caps, and snuffing equipment etc.

Why use Kanna and its health benefits?

mood swings and irritable nature

  1. Reducing the anxiety levels: stress and anxiety go hand in hand with each other. Whenever you are in stress anxiety will follow leading to mood swings and irritable nature. After the intake of this plant, you can be relieved of all the stress and anxieties. Along with them, all the effects of anxiety like inferiority complex, insecurity, and certain mood inhibitions are not allowed to exhibit themselves. The intoxicating effect of this plant allows you to be in tranquility and also relax your senses.
  2. Emotional enhancement: it is advised that whenever a person is in nervous and is going to face an uncomfortable situation the intake of Kanna will disengage him from all the nervousness and other inhibitions. This leads to a better performance and turning the person into an emotionally strong human being.
  3. Energy booster: lower levels of energy is often paired with post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, as it is evident that this plant can substantially enhance your emotional energy it can also increase your physical energy levels. After the intake of Kanna, you will feel a tingling sensation running through the body which in turn re-invigorates your muscles activity. But it should be noted that higher doses of the chemical can also lead to effects which are in contrast to the ones explained above.
  4. Get free from depression: people today use a number of synthetic antidepressants some use pills and others resort to non-medicinal methods like drinking and taking substances. All these have certain side effects on the body. But the Kanna is a natural anti-depressant; its natural alkaloids perform the function as Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SRIs). This leads to the upliftment of the mood and decreasing the neurotransmitter levels in the brain. It can help with treating moderate or mild depressive disorder in the individual.

All in all, Kanna is an effective way to reduce your depression levels, keep your anxiety at bay and also help in dealing with a stressful situation with a calm mind. Added to all these benefits intake of this compound does not lead to an increase in weight as it is seen with other anti-depressants.

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