How expectant mothers can take advantage of pregnancy week by week guide

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baby growth video

Kudos! You are here pretty much due to the fact that you might be pregnant. No doubts to the fact that pregnancy works out to be a challenging occasion for most of the would be mothers. Two major points of consideration are involved here the expectant and the pregnant mothers. The former are normally pregnant for the first time and the latter might be having their second or third pregnancy. It points to the fact that they have already embraced pregnancy earlier. They would have already gone through baby growth video to understand the various stages of pregnancy as well.

Before you head to the 9th month of pregnancy you are expected to come across a lot of changes in your body. With the aid of a week by week pregnancy guide you can understand the various stages in the growth cycle of a baby. This does start from the 1st week and extends till the time of birth.

More information about a pregnancy week by week calendar

 baby growth video

With a pregnancy calendar a pregnancy chart comes week by week. You can check the pregnancy, with the development along with the fetal growth tracking on a week to week basis. At each week a description of the baby is provided with concise explanations on why such developments are taking place in the baby as well. From a practical point of view, a pregnancy calendar does ask you to incorporate some lifestyle changes as well. All these are developed with the sole objective of creating the pregnancy awareness in the mother.

Having a family is one of the cherished possessions in life and as a mother you would want a taste of the pie as well. It is a fantastic feeling and an experience that you intend to carry it for the rest of your life. You also need to have an idea on what are the views of the people towards pregnancy. The doctors are not keen on months as far as calculating pregnancy is concerned. They go on to use weeks which according to them works out to be more precise. There are 7 days in a week and some months may have 4 weeks whereas the others tend to have 5 weeks.

An average pregnancy tends to last 280 days or 40 weeks, though most babies are born a couple of weeks before the 40 week period.  If a baby is born between 37th to 42 week of pregnancy it is considered to have achieved their full term. Babies who are born before 37 week are known as pre term and once a baby is born after 42 week they go by the name of post term.

When you are pregnant it is suggested that you do follow a diet chart and make some lifestyle changes. A couple of suggestions in the form of cutting down on smoking or drinking and some form of physical exercise would also work wonders.