Facts and Information on Stem Cell Therapy

There are people, who are suffering from various diseases, and because of this, they are seeking for treatments with the hope of surviving and getting cured. Having a serious illness is not easy. You need to go for a regular checkup, take medicines and change your lifestyle. This is, indeed a challenge that every individual may face. It is not that easy to accept one’s sickness and giving up is not a solution at all. I know that you would also like to try every possible cure just to get rid of your disease. But have you ever tried visiting a doctor for consultation on a stem cell therapy or SCT?

This treatment might be new to you, right? I am sure that some of you may have heard news and stories about it. But as a sick person, who is desperately looking for a cure, will surely want to take the risk and try this therapy. You will never know, if this is the right treatment for you, that’s why you have to first consult your doctor. However, it would still be great to educate yourself about how this works. I know that an expert will explain everything in a way that you can understand. Though, reading in advance shows interest and determination of a patient.

I know that you are excited about this new medical treatment and how it is performed. You cannot deny the fact that you are counting on it and the doctor’s expertise. I guess, you have a lot of questions and doubts regarding the said remedy. We would like to clear your thoughts by providing you a few facts and information on this therapy.

stem cell therapy

Stem Cell

Are you aware that you can find the raw materials in your body? These are the generated ones with special functions. These stem cells are divided and form more cells – the daughters, which comes in two forms.

First, these could be a self-renewal or new stem. And the other could be the differentiation or special ones with specific functions. These naturally generating structures in your body includes the blood, brain and heart muscle as well as bone. By the way, click this for further reading on what scientists and researchers are debating about.

The Source

Do you know that pluripotent may even come from an embryo, which are ages 3-5 days? During this blastocyst stage, the embryo will have 150 units in all.

Aside from that, a few are also found in adult tissues like bone marrow, where it has a possibility to generateforbone, blood andheart muscle. Here, transplant or transformation is done through genetic programming.

stem cell therapy

Another source is the amniotic fluid and the umbilical cord blood. With this source, the experts have to perform the amniocentesis procedure. Actually, this is a good way of testing and checking abnormalities. Anyway, you can learn more about where it is found at https://stemcells.nih.gov/info/basics/4.htm.


This treatment uses stem cells to treat various neuromuscular, hematopoietic as well as degenerative disorders of the body. These diseases may be considered as non-serious and life threatening, too. An individual’s disorder may occur naturally, especially when you are getting older. While others occur due to diverse reasons.I supposed, you are aware that any disease may greatly affect your body organs. That’s why you cannot say that all patients will undergo the same procedures. The SCT applied will depend on the type of disease you incurred. I believe, each of you has a different case and will have to be treated distinctively.

Surprisingly, some individuals may complete this therapy in just one or two days. While others may have to undergo several sessions. This medical solution may just be new, but the experts believe that this is a better solution than other conventional remedies. Can this medical concept really keep their promise to millions of hoping patients out there?

Why doctors find SCT interesting

Through this procedure, doctors as well as researches will be able to widen their knowledge and understanding of a particular disease. They have studied and devoted time to discovering cures for various disorders. Now that they have found SCT effective, they can continue conducting a research and study on why a disease develops and how a patient’s condition can heal faster.

Because of your illness, you can get cured by replacing the damaged or deceased with healthy ones. This is called a regenerative medicine that the SCT would like to generate. If you are a patient, who is suffering from spinal cord injuries, diabetes, sclerosisor cancer, then you will be benefited byit.

Those who are studying and testing the effectivity or safety of new medicines may use stem cells to check the quality before people use it. Well, this is very true when it comes to developing medicinal drugs, especially when they have to test it for cardiac toxicity. The new drug will be more accurate, if they are going to set it to obtain properties that is specifically for a particular cell. Through the tests, harmful effects of the drugs will be shown.Read here to know what the US FDA says about it.

stem cell therapy

To Help Patients with Common Health Issues

One of the common disorders that are provided with this cure is the spinal cord injury. There are even patients, who are paralyzed and go for this medical help. With this, the source is coming from a human embryonic stem cells.

Another health issue that has given help, is diabetes. The immune system of these patients, especially with the type 1, needs insulin. Through the SCT, where the experts have to persuade the procedure to produce insulin and regulate blood sugar.

An individual, who is suffering from an osteoarthritis, which is a usual type of arthritis, may also get help. By performing the SCT, the doctors are aiming at rebuilding the lost cartilages and repairing shot joins.By the way, you may go to https://famicord.eu/about-stem-cells/where-are-stem-cells-used/list-of-medical-conditions-treated-with-stem-cells and check on the list of various medical conditions that can be cured.