Everything you need to know about a dental bridge

dental bridge

 A dental bridge is a type of false tooth. It is made in the shape of the crowns of adjacent teeth to the teeth that are missing and then cemented in place. This allows the gap of the missing tooth to be filled with a fake tooth which is necessary, looking from a medical point of view and aesthetically.

Who would need a dental bridge?

dental bridge cost singapore can be a little expensive, but people missing a tooth will benefit from getting it. A tooth can be missing for gum infection, a decayed tooth, injury, or even a congenital disability. Any such person will live an everyday life after getting a dental bridge fixed. Plus, it is cheaper than getting an actual fake tooth implanted.

dental bridge

Why should you get a dental bridge?

Getting a dental bridge is either sought out by you or is recommended by the doctor. It becomes an essential procedure in the following conditions:

  • When the missing tooth is causing bite problems, and the food is getting chewed insufficiently.
  • Your teeth are getting spread further apart because of a gap between them.
  • The gums get hurt constantly from rough food, which can become a cause of cancer later in life.
  • You are missing your front tooth or a visible tooth, affecting your smile and making you self-conscious.

What is done in a dental bridge placement procedure?

A crown is placed on the teeth adjacent to the tooth gap. After saving down the original teeth, this is done to make the height well adjusted. The fake teeth are then placed in the hole and secured with the crown of the adjacent teeth, leaving no space for gaps, looking realistic, and performing its job efficiently.

What are the other options when you have a missing tooth?

Other procedures include getting partial dentures or getting a tooth implant. Partial dentures are fake teeth that can be removed for cleaning purposes, and an implant consists of an artificial tooth being fixed within the gums with the help of screws. These procedures are lengthy, and their cost can be a lot more as compared to dental bridge cost Singapore. If those are not your concerns, then talking to your dentist is the best course as they know your condition best and determine the best treatment option.