ECM- Body Type Medicine

ECM- Body Type Medicine

ECM is a comprehensive system that has been proved constructive system for over 2500 years. It is the speedy growing health recovery modalities today. Everybody has constitution depending on their psychology and genetics being as weakness and strength on their body organs. Due to a different constitution of a human being with the same illness react inconsistently to meditation or food. There are 8 constitution medicine. These are- pancretonia, cholesystonia, hepatonia, pulmotonia, colonotonia, renotonia, vesicotonia, gastrotonia.

Scrutinize ECM in human body system

All earth creation has their own specific character based on how elements are arranged. People are made of six entrails and five viscera. Different ranging of the entrails and the viscera expiate eight separate body types. These types are named 8 constitution medicine. In the human body type, there is an eccentric character. Hereditary is the first of these. For example, one’s blood group is based on one’s parents. That means ECM body types are hereditary which are adopted from the parents.

The second type of ECM is invariable. It is the fixed body types. For example, your blood group which you inherited doesn’t change and it is the same in your ECM body system. The last character in each and every body type is different from other. For example, some have diabetes, some have weak gastro – intestine, some are born with herniated stomach or large intestine. People having problem with the large intestine suffer from diarrhea. Some are suffering from immune disease like allergy due to their food habit.

Body Type Medicine

Maintaining proper balance

Leaver, hurt, lung, pancreas, and kidney are five viscera of the human body. If one is damaged other’s will be in trouble. But five entrails are not connected directly and they share their energy to each other and maintain the balance of human body. Eight types are eminent by the array of weakness and strength of five entrails and viscera. One’s body shape, voices, talents, character, body types will be isolated from other.

A sequence of weakest and the strongest order of the viscera will present different functionality. Each will exhibit different types and their function impulsively. ECM uses unconventional treatment process of the same disease due to body types has different pathology and etiology. If somebody suffered diarrhea or stomach pain or suffered from affable bowel syndrome, their treatment will be unique depending on their body construction. There are eight different analyses for eight body types. For insertion, selection of proper food and exercise can help to give people a healthy life.

End note

In the old days’ medicine, there is the different thesis of different treatment in human life. The eight constitution medicine (ECM) is the only system which has detailed investigation and treatment process for individual body type.

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