Does Shaving My Head For A Marijuana Hair Drug Test a Good Option?

Hair Drug Test a Good Option

Shaving your hair to pass a follicle drug test is probably one of the biggest myths when it comes to hair follicle drug testing that is going around on the internet nowadays. We have seen a lot of blogs, forums and website offering this advice to unsuspecting people, hundreds if not thousands of unsolicited advice.

On Yahoo Answers, message boards, even popular blog articles, people have been recommending that one way to pay the follicle test is to shave your head. If you want to learn more about this topic, you can check out blogs, websites, or forums about drug screening.

Surprise, surprise, they are all wrong.

DO not shave all the hair on your head. You are not doing yourself a favor. Thinking that, now you are bald, they can’t get any sample they can test, and you win. Except that the real world does not work that way,

Some if not all drug testing, are either voluntary or mandatory

Mandatory screening means that the subject needs to submit themselves to the test, no questions asked and no exceptions. If you are bald or you shaved your head, laboratory technicians or testers will collect samples from other parts of your body.

Of course, hair exist more or less 90% in our body, your eyebrows, facial hair, eyelashes, in your nose, ear, underarm, chest, forearm, legs or in your private parts. Not only that, your toe and fingernails are very similar to your hair when it comes to holding metabolites. So if the drug testers or laboratory technicians can’t find hair in your body (which is impossible), they can always use finger or toenails as samples (although it will only happen in rare cases where the subject has conditions like alopecia).

Hair Drug Test a Good Option

If the laboratory founds out that you shaved your hair on purpose, they can fail you on the spot. Shaving your head to pass a hair drug test will just make you look like a guilty test subject walking into the collection laboratory. Imagine yourself without hair in your head, without eyelashes or eyebrows.

There are indeed swimmers who shaved their legs and arms to gain an advantage during competitions or Buddhist monks who shave their heads because of their beliefs, but you are going into a testing laboratory, not in a contest or a temple. And if the test is court ordered or mandatory, refusal to provide a viable sample will end you up in jail because of contempt of court. That’s a big price to pay for smoking one joint of cannabis, for example.

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What if you subject yourself in a voluntary follicle drug test?

As the name suggests, you are talking about screening under voluntary conditions. The alternative to not subjecting yourself to a test might indeed be losing your dream job; you do have an option. You can refuse to provide a sample and let the company fire you.

That is, your option; that is why it is considered a voluntary screening. Same goes, if the company requires you a pre-employment screening. The company will tell you that they will only give you the job if you submit yourself in a follicle drug screening. If you can’t provide a viable sample, they will not hire you. They can’t force you to take the test; they will just simply not hire you, period.

So, if someone asked you to take a voluntary follicle drug screen and you can’t provide any sample, it is considered as not showing up in the test laboratory and failing the test. You can’t give a sample and the consequences that can follow because of your actions like a retraction of employment offers or loss of a job; those are considered as the result of your not providing a sample.

That is why shaving your head to pass a follicle screening is not a very effective technique to pass. First, they will take a viable sample from other parts of your body. Second, if you shave all your hair, the laboratory will consider it as a refusal to provide a sample, and they can simply fail you on the spot. In the case of mandatory testing, they can send you to jail.

Is shaving all the hair on your head to pass a follicle drug screening a valid option?

We can only think of one situation where shaving the hair on your head to pass a follicle drug screening makes any sense. That would be if you want to be clean, spend some time to grow your hair before the scheduled test. You can also use products like Old Style Aloe Rid Detoxifying Shampoo to cleanse your follicles of any traces of drug components like THC.

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So let us say that you are planning to apply for your dream job, and you know they are asking all their applicants to submit to a follicle screening as one of their pre-employment requirements six months from now. If you want to make sure that you are 100% drug free, you can avoid using illegal substance (the most logical option), or you can wait seven to ten days after you last ingest the substance, and shave your head (components that are trapped in the follicles will take seven to ten days before they grow above your scalp line).

Every hair that will develop after you shaved your head would be perfectly drug-free 100% as long as you avoid using drugs after. And since the test would only require 90 days or three months’ worth of growth for the screening, you will have enough time to grow back your lost hair to provide a viable sample. For some people, the peace of mind they can get from passing the test with flying colors is worth the sacrifice.

These days, shaving your head is considered trendy, not only for men, but also for women, so there is no real drawback to it as long as you are comfortable with your bald look for a while. That is the only logical case that we can think of. Other than that, you are just wasting your time.