A Brief Discussion on Different Types of Dosimetry

A dosimeter is a device that is used in radiology. What for this device? This device is used to measure and calculate the radiation absorption by human tissues when they are exposed to the environment. Also, the impact of the radiation absorption can be analyzed using this. For the dosimetry measurement, the following units have been used such that are grays (Gy) or siéverts (Sv). This dosimetry (dosimetría) is more important to people who are working in a radiation-rich environment. If they wear this then will be easy to monitor their health easily. This is the device that will absorb the radiation that exactly out human tissues will absorb.  But the studies and analysis can be done using a place called a dosimetry center.

 It is the place where the used dosimetry can be analyzed and know about the impact of radiation on the human tissues. Most of the dosimetry centers may offer surveillance services to the people who are working and exposed to radiation. There is a safety law for workers that ensures their safety and protection. Hence the dosimetry center is also helping in that aspect while they are working in the radiation atmosphere.

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Fine, is dosimetry exists in only one type? No, actually dosimetry can be classified into two major categories as individual and individual dosimetry. In this article let us see about these categories briefly.

Individual Dosimetry: This is the type of dosimetry that each and every worker can wear and use to measure the radiation received by them. This is called personal dosimetry where each device will be assigned to each worker. In this individual dosimetry, there are some types where that can be classified based on the function of this.

  • If anyone wants to measure the radiation absorption in the whole body then they have to use the dosimetry called whole-body dosimetry. This is a device that can be attached to the chest of a worker to monitor. This will be examined periodically and mostly every month and will not exceed that.
  • The other dosimetry that can be used to know the fetus radiation absorption with the pregnant women. Actually, this kind of device will be fixed on the abdomen. Though this is used for some specific purposes, whole-body absorption can be done using this too.

Non – Individual Dosimetry: It is the device that can be used to identify and measure the radiation absorption in a specific area or the working place to ensure that it is not crossing the allowed limit.

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