Cataract: What Is This Eye Condition And Its Treatment?

Many of today’s population have eye diseases, including blurred vision. There are many reasons why eye problems occur, maybe because of the failure of regular eye checks. It is important to take care of eyesight because it is one of the things used in daily life, especially in survival. Therefore, the eye clinic and eye care programs aim to launch free eye consultations, especially for those with cataracts.

Many have undergone eye treatment, and cataract surgery kl eliminates the cloudy area that blocked the eye lens to regain clear vision.

What exactly is a cataract?

A cataract is a vision condition in which people or objects become blurred and cannot be recognized. The cloudy area in the eye lens is what the cataract looks like, which is very common when a person gets old. But, there are cases today that even children experience cataracts that science can explain. Clouded visions cause cataracts, making it difficult to read and drive a car at night or even an expression of someone you are talking to.

Cataracts may develop slowly and never disturb eyesight early on. But, with time, this eye condition affects vision. Stronger lighting and eyeglasses help deal with cataracts. But, if impaired vision affects the usual activities, cataract surgery is needed. Luckily, cataract surgery is the safest and most effective procedure.

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How is cataract surgery performed?

The eye surgeon makes a tiny opening on the eye and next to the outer corner. The tiny probe releases ultrasound waves to dissolve the core, which is the hard part of the cloudy lens. Another probe will work on the removal of the rest cataract material that provides suction through the same opening. The cataract surgery procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Is cataract surgery painless?

Cataract surgery is not painful. The cataract surgery procedure will simply make you feel a slightly stinging sensation after placing drops in the eye at the start of the operation. The eye completely gets numb in a few minutes, which means it is prepared or ready for the cataract surgery procedure.

What to do after cataract surgery?

After the cataract surgery procedure, there are advised to follow what not to do, such as:

  1. Don’t rub or touch the eye
  2. Avoid getting shampoo or soap in the eye
  3. Avoid swimming in 4 to 6 weeks
  4. Avoid strenuous activity or exercise
  5. Avoid wearing make-up for 1 month

It is advised to follow all these to avoid eye infections.