Buying Nicotinamide Riboside Made Easy: How To Avail?

Supplements have been around for decades. Many supplement manufacturers are offering their products worldwide. Some of these supplements are globally marketed and highly accepted in different countries. However, not all effective supplements are marketed in the world market. Some of them just have started and are still making a good name in the health industry. One of these supplements is the Nicotinamide Riboside or know by the following terms:

  • Niagen
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B3

These are the popular terms used when talking about NR. Why? NR has these components, which is very helpful to keep human metabolism healthy. Now, if you are a user of NR, perhaps, you may have to buy nmn powder 1kg for long-term use. It could be a big advantage for you if you buy such an amount as you can save much of it. Research and test were performed on the intake of NR, and it is proven safe and effective.

Nicotinamide Riboside potential benefits 

When you research NR and NAD+, you can find animal studies. Mice is the most popular one, which was the testing done and observed its results. It ends up that the mice are safe and nothing happens, instead of the positive changes, like it gets hyperactive and no signs of health problems after the intake within days. Until Dr. Brenner, the first human who performed a self-trial of the NR powder. It was recorded that the NR has no negative side effects, instead, it has potential benefits after the trial has been done. Get the facts about the effectiveness of NR for humans by discovering its potential benefits, such as the following:

  • Converted into NAD+. The helper of molecules known as NAD+ takes part in plenty of biological reactions. NAD+ levels continuously fall with age, which NR served as the booster of NAD+ production level when taken. Low NAD+ leads to poor aging and several harmful diseases. Consuming NAD+ precursors, which can be provided by NR, raised the NAD+ levels. NR will serve as the building blocks of the Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. Animal studies showed that NR raises the blood NAD+ levels to 207 times.
  • Activates enzymes. NR activates enzymes that help to promote healthy aging. It improves the lifespan and the entire health of animals. One group of sirtuins repair the damaged DNA, reduce inflammation, boosts stress resistance, and healthy aging. Sirpuins is responsible for extending the lifespan benefits. Poly polymerases are another group found in NR that repairs damaged DNA.
  • Brain cells protection. NAD+ helps brain cells age well.
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease. Aging is a common risk for heart disease. Thus, NR helps reduce the risk of heart problems, which can also be linked to aging.
  • Weight loss. NR aids in weight loss as it speeds up the metabolism.
  • Lowers cancer risk. Oxidative stress and DNA damage cause cancer development, which high NAD+ levels protect these health issues to occur.

For those who have been looking for the best weight loss supplement, finally, you can find it in NR powder. Buying a bag of NR powder can be done online and it is easy.